Disability Insurance

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Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. Is it insured? We have different types of plans to cover every type of employment situation (professionals, small business owners, independent contractors or employees). Even if you have coverage through your employer, you may be underinsured. From fully underwritten with full coverage to instant issue injury only, these disability insurance policies replace your income when you can’t work. Business overhead plans cover your monthly expenses like rent, leases, insurance and cell phones to name a few. Premiums for business overhead insurance are tax-deductible. We can customize a plan to meet your needs and budget.


From 1985 Commissioners Individual Disability Table A and C Chances of becoming disabled for 3 months or more before age 65

Age Percentage
25 58%
30 54%
35 50%
40 45%
50 33%
55 23%

In addition, if your disability does last more than 90 days, the average length of a disability will be

Age Duration
25 2.1 years
30 2.5 years
35 2.8 years
40 3.1 years
45 3.2 years
50 3.1 years
55 2.6 years
60 1.6 years

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